At Least 4 Owls Deployed To Fortune Chasi’s House To Torture Him?
2 November 2020
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Owl – file pic

By Dorrothy Moyo | In 2017, he was daily tormented by the First Lady leading to his humiliating ouster from government, this time it is a different kind of attack. The former energy minister, Fortune Chasi, who was dramatically removed from the contentious job this year (the second time in 2 years) has written complaining alleging that he has had scary owls sent after him to torment him.

Chasi made the claim in a tweet on Monday apparently pleading with the senders saying “what have I done to get at least 4 owls singing in a choir a few metres from my window?”

In Shona mythology, an owl is a sign of a very bad thing about to happen. The albeit beautiful creature is used by mysticists to threaten witchcraft or bad luck. Since the days of the fake Nehanda Nyakasikana, the 1890s days witchdoctor, there has never been any proof that the majestic creature has got any spiritual power or association thereof.

Chasi’s possible joke was met with responses from religious people who suggested that he must consider repenting and he will be forgiven.

“Try to be right with God and Declare the all powerful Blood of Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid for no evil can stand when you call on the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!,” wrote the United democratic Alliance leader Daniel Shumba.

Below were some of the interactions Monday morning.