Murehwa Family Ate Human Flesh Of Murdered 7yr Old Boy Unawares
3 November 2020

By A Correspondent- Gogo Beaular, a relative to the murdered 7year old Murehwa boy has revealed that a family from their neighborhood bought and ate human flesh from one of the implicated murderers.

The flesh, believed to be from the murdered boy Tapiwa Makore was reportedly cut from his thighs and legs.

Said Gogo Beaular in an interview with Tilda:

“…the family initially refused to disclose the matter and a whistleblower told us. We notified the police and they came to investigate. …it could be true that they ate human flesh because the buttocks, thighs and legs had been cut and the flesh was just bone confirming our worst fears.”

She revealed that the family bought the meat from Tafadzwa Shamba the morning after the murderers had killed the boy.

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