Mwonzora Humiliates Self
4 November 2020

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC -T Secretary General, Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora on Monday embarrassed himself after admitting that MDC Alliance is a political party.

Prior to issuing the statement, Mwonzora has always argued the MDC Alliance is a “coalition not a political party.”

However, in his statement yesterday Mwonzora referred to the MDC Alliance as a political party.

See part of Mwonzora’s statement below:

We have instructed our youths not to fight with these people but to call the police in order to minimize personal injury that will come from fighting.

The MDC Alliance Party has now resorted to sacrificing the youths by inciting them to engage in acts of anarchy and lawlessness.

They take advantage of the poverty of these youths and pay them ridiculously low sums of money and cheap liquor to engage in violence.

These youths are drawn from Mbare and similarly poor neighborhoods were poverty is rife.”

Douglas Mwonzora