Thoko Highly Unlikely To Get A Single Nomination | Khupe Coup Bloop
5 November 2020

Dear Editor. The MDC renegade Thokozani Khupe is highly unlikely to get a single nomination, according to a trending discussion.

The development comes as the ZANU PF Court-created-MDC T outfit neared its upcoming national Congress.

The Khupe Coup Bloop which has sought to dislodge the winner of the 2018 elections Nelson Chamisa, by declaring him an illegal leader of the MDC Alliance, is now leaderless, according to the ongoing discussion drift.

It’s getting interesting Bhebhe is emerging as a compromise candidate for the EOC of MDC-T. The MID is getting jittery now because @DrThoko_Khupe highly unlikely to get a single nomination. The real race is Between @DMwonzora and Bhebhe @PedzisaiRuhanya @zimlive @ZimEye