President Mnangagwa Devolution Push Gains Traction
7 November 2020
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Emmerson Mnangagwa

By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Zimbabwe will achieve the Vision 2030 goals as Devolution initiative gains momentum in Beitbridge.

Treasury has dispatched over 9 million dollars in the last two years
as part of Government’s efforts to transform the town into a medium city. This funding has transformed the water and sanitation related service delivery issues.

Prior to the latest move by Government, the local authority has been struggling to meet its obligations to the ever-ballooning population due to a limited revenue base. Most MDC run councils have been run down and service delivery impaired.

The town currently has an estimated population of 70 000 people and plays host to at least 15 000 people who use Beitbridge border post daily under normal circumstances.

Town clerk, Mr Loud Ramakgapola said so far, they had acquired a backhoe loader, refuse compactor, Giga jetting machine, heavy-duty billing printer, a vehicle for the sewer section, and aircon for the server room and that they had also installed the VOIP telephone system.

“The backhoe loader has arrived. We bought the machine for $1,18 million using devolution funds.”

We have been waiting for the machine since the beginning of the year and we are happy our supplier has delivered,” said Mr Ramakgapola.

He said they also want to buy a tipper, a grader, and a compressor under the same devolution initiative.

In addition, he said, next year they will add the construction of an additional primary school on the council’s to-do list among other projects.

Beitbridge has seen a great improvement in service delivery system which has been neglected for the past forty years. Mr Ramakgapola said some of the funds will be spent on improving waste management and brings fresh air to Beitbridge.

Beitbridge residents and businesses are reportedly producing an estimated 1 000 tonnes of solid waste monthly and the local authority is only able to collect between 700 and 800 tonnes.

On the other hand the Harare Beitbridge road is taking shape making the movement of goods and passengers easy.

The work in Beitbridge shows that President Mnangagwa is a no nonsense man and is indeed presiding over development.

Zimbabwe will be in the world of its own by 2030.

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