Ginimbi’s Friends Fight Against Juju Claims
11 November 2020
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By Jane Mlambo| Friends of the late Genius Kadungure have come out guns blazing against claims that the socialite used juju to make money.

Social media has been awash with claims that the Ginimbi used juju to build his empire which included top of the range cars and properties including Lamborghinis and Rolls Royce cars.

Ronald Muzambe, spokesman of the Friends of Ginimbi expressed concern that social media had created claims of rituals and cultism around the socialite, which he said was not true as he worked hard for his success.

“As we grieve,we ask that social media and all platforms spreading falsehood about Ginimbi’s wealth seek first the truth before fabricating rituals and coffins and cults around his legacy,” he said.

Muzambe added that Ginimbi was a courageous entrepreneur who skirted on the edge to build his empire, society now attributes to juju.

“Genius Kadungure lived a courageous lifestyle,skirting on the edge of vulnerability,” he said.

“We had the privilege of working hand in glove with him, witnessing his sheer hard work and exemplary work ethic first hand,” Muzambe added.

Ginimbi died on Sunday morning after his Rolls Royce was involved in a Headon collision with a Honda Fit along Borrowdale road on his way home..

Three other people in his car including a female socialite Moana died on the spot after they were trapped in the car which caught fire before they could be rescued.