Gringo’s Death A Blow To Arts Industry
13 November 2020

Tinashe Sambiri|Blessing Chimbowa, popularly known as Mbudziyadhura, has described Lazarus” Gringo” Boora’s demise as a body blow to the arts industry.

quoted by The Herald, said Gringo’s death came as a shock to the arts industry.

“Boora was a person who did not want artists to be looked down upon.”

“He was open and would speak his mind, especially when it comes to low payment of actors, that is why he did not feature in many productions. Many people used to say that Boora was a problem because of that.

The other thing is that I am begging to all those who worked with Boora, he has left a family behind and I appeal to companies that worked with Boora to help his family not financially, but even to employ his children. Let us try to support his family,” Mbudziyadhura told the publication.

Mbudziyadhura added he started working with Gringo before he became popular and he was a talented person.

The late Gringo – Lazarus Boora