OneMillionCampaign Gathers Momentum
16 November 2020

Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance Namibia has described the #OneMillionCampaign initiative launched by the party’s Youth Assembly as a noble move set to drum up support for the vibrant movement in the rural areas.

Below is the MDC Alliance Namibia statement on the #OneMillionCampaign:

16 NOVEMBER 2020


Mdc Alliance Namibia greatly appreciates and admires the historic innovation since the inception of the political behemoth to invade rural constituencies in preparation of the harmonised elections in 2023.

As a district, we are committed and dedicated to meaningfully contribute towards this noble cause since our Youths are the most vulnerable victims of Zanupf’s gross misgovernance. We applaud our Youth Assembly led by Chairperson commander Obey Tererai Sithole and his vibrant team for the intiative to fight vote apathy especially from our youths who treat themselves as second class citizens.

The resolute initiative from the backbone of the party (Youths) needs a serious financial and moral back up therefore as an external assembly , we shall offer our support to the fullest for a resounding victory of the People’s Party come 2023. It is quite clear that the old is already dead and the new must be born. A million youthful revolutionary voices for the change that delivers demanding freedom ,justice ,equality ,constitutionalism and solidarity should be embraced by all social democrats across the globe.

As we gear up to our fight for a People’s Government, it becomes imperative to sponsor our Youths so that they invade all villages one by one recruiting and organising towards One (1) Million New First Time voters and Card-carrying Members.

Moreover, it is quite magnificent to see our youths’ keenness to confront Zanupf regime in its purported strongholds. We are very cognisant of the need to be organised after casting our votes, Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to remind the Youths their responsibility to defend their vote. It is their obligation to defend victory in the face of perennial election fraudsters who manipulate Zec through contaminated results. As the future of the country, the youths must determine their fate and destiny by choosing a democratic alternative that guarantees employment and better livelihoods in the motherland. So far, our pragmatic Youth Assembly is in Masvingo Province spreading the doctrine of complete socio-economic transformation.

Furthermore, as an objective democratic project, we anticipate a novel face, new transformation advocates and resolute drivers of the national democratic revolution. A better Zimbabwe is the ideal home for our Youths who are compelled by shoddy social services to desert the country into the diaspora. Brick by brick , we shall construct a million votes of change. The campaign shall jealously guard against the exploitation of our suffering youths to unleash violence on social democrats. Our youths are prepared to educate, mobilise and re-energise the base for resistance against Zanupf shenanigans. No youth shall give in to be used to defend thieves and smugglers who usually manipulate hungry youths for beer or three pieces of silver.

To wind it up, Mdc Alliance Namibia is absolutely clear that it will support this project morally and financially since we are committed to the establishment of a People’s Government.

We are sick and exhausted on the incessant incarceration of the audible voices of dissent, abductions, corruption and daylight smuggling with impunity. I salute our vibrant Youths for deciding to amplify the voices of the intimidated Youths in Zimbabwe especially in those marginalised rural communities where traditional leaders are abused for political appointees from the satanic regime.











Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya