MDC Alliance Pushes For Nationwide Protests At Persecution Of Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono
19 November 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance Namibia has called for nationwide protests at the persecution of prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.

The panicky Zanu PF administration is tormenting Chin’ono for exposing corruption in the so called new dispensation.

Read the MDC Alliance statement below:

18 NOVEMBER 2020


Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to express its serious disgruntlement in the way our captured police and courts are handling journalists and political activists in the motherland.

The further victimisation and incarceration of the innocent investigative journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono must be resisted with equal measure.

Social democrats must stand in solidarity with those who are unearthing senseless corruption, smuggling, human butchery and gross abuse of basic human rights. Our encouragement as a district is that all progressive Zimbabweans must pent-up their outrage demanding the immediate release of Hopewell Chin’ono and other prisoners of conscience in the names of Last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere.

It is quite pathetic to see Zimbabweans in the country folding their hands neglecting the one who has sacrificed it all to confront the vicious and insensitive regime that feeds on the blood of the innocent citizenry. What mesmerises us is that Hopewell is very cognisant of the murderous legacy of these Zanupf sadists who are currently in charge of our beloved country.

Zimbabweans who are scratching their heads for a single nutritious meal per day must regain their consciousness and realise that Hopewell has absolutely no appetite for personal enrichment but he has displayed varlour , mettle and nerve to fight against Zanupf shenanigans. Those who don’t have a comfortable life should come out in their astounding numbers in solidarity with our Hero.

Moreover, the arbitrary arrest and detention of Hopewell Chin’ono should be viewed by right-minded citizens as a societal malady which demands urgent attention. Citizens must gather courage to speak audibly against the abuse of basic universal freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

The citizens must cudgel their brains to figure out the reason why Hopewell had also courageously documented horrible experiences of the political violence during the campaign for the 2008 Presidential run-off through his film , A Violence Response. These films came at a juncture when the motherland was undergoing excruciating economic and political upheavals. Only a few managed in the political leadership to pronounce the revolutionary message he has publicly said, knowing fully well the risk that he was taking by unraveling corruption in the authoritarian Zanupf regime and their surrogates.

Furthermore, fewer social democrats have solidly stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Zimbabwe as he has done.

Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch Secretary General Simbarashe Ndoda postulated that ,” our members of parliament, councillors and general membership must pledge their solidarity by demanding justice and freedom of Hopewell Chin’ono and other political prisoners. It is clear that he is fighting for socio-economic transformation, so why not flood the Zanupf sponsored courts displaying our zeal for his freedom as well as that of other prisoners of conscience who were arbitrarily arrested as way of breaking their revolutionary spirit? Lets stand in our numbers advocating for political liberty and Constitutionalism in the country. Social democrats must be reminded that Leadership is Activity and anyone can lead anywhere.

It is worth a glance to note that the offence for which Hopewell Chin’ono was initially arrested for has since been dropped. He was deliberately charged with contempt of court , for a tweet in which he categorically stated that Chief Justice Malaba had been seen at the Magistrates Court on the day he was unjustifiably denied bail during previous hearings.

Zimbabweans have to ponder the reason why this charge was withdrawn and why is Hopewell still jailed if the original charge was withdrawn? Mdc Alliance Namibia shall never cease to fight for a people’s government and corruption-free Zimbabwe. The law enforcement agents must desist from fulfilling Zanupf agendas.

Moreso, they are currently charging him for obstructing the course of justice, again for a tweet in which he announced that suspected gold smuggler, Henrietta Rushwaya would be granted bail by consent. Hopewell openly cited that he had received classified information from reliable sources in the National Prosecuting Authority.

Astonishingly, when Rushwaya the alleged smuggler appeared in court, the state did not oppose her bail since she was tipped to get a fine of about $90 000 RTGS before the inculcable- about turn was made the following morning.

It became visible that his report was authentic, for indeed , the prosecution had consented to bail under dubiously porous conditions.

The clueless rogue regime is piling pressure on Hopewell to name his sources in the NPA against his work ethics and he was also conceding his fundamental rights in Section 61(2) which states that, “Every person is entitled to freedom of the media , which freedom includes protection of the confidentiality of journalists’ sources of information”. Hopewell completely rejected to be cowed into submission. Lets fight together with him, we are social democrats, we are revolutionary fighters for justice.

To conclude, the national constitution of the country stipulates that justice delayed is justice denied. Lets not wait to celebrate when they release him at their own time. Bail is a right in Constitutional Democracy.

Mdc Alliance Namibia acknowledges that Hopewell sacrificed his dignity in defence of journalism and that is quite applausible but citizens must rise to compliment his revolutionary commitment and dedication.

Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya














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