Chinamasa Addresses ZANU PF Members On Matemadanda Poisoning
23 November 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Victor Matemadanda

ZANU PF has confirmed that it’s national political commissar Victor Matemadanda is recovering at home after being attended to by doctors following a suspected poisoning case as power tensions in the ruling party get nasty.

Matemadanda, who is also the Deputy Minister for Defence and War Veterans Affairs and the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, survived the poisoning a fortnight ago.

Matemadanda narrated to how he got poisoned after a man came to him soon after they had seen off President Emmerson Mnangagwa after a gathering in Marondera.

According to him a man pretended to be removing something from his cap and it was at that moment that he smelt a horrible stench which almost suddenly made him feel dizzy and sick.

The party’s acting National Secretary for Information and Publicity Patrick Chinamasa confirmed in a statement on Saturday that Matemadanda has not been well though deliberately avoiding mentioning that he was poisoned.

“Zanu PF wishes to inform the party membership and the generality of the public that the national political commissar has not been well since last Saturday, the 14th November 2020,” Chinamasa said.

“The commissar’s illness was accompanied by itchiness of eyes, swelling of the body and vomiting that led to him being rushed to hospital.

“He has since been attended to and is recovering well as other symptoms have disappeared except itchiness of eyes which is still persisting. Medical tests are being carried out and the doctors are examining the situation to establish what could have caused such illness.”