Police In Yet Another Gun Fire Exchange With Robbers In Beitbridge
8 December 2020
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POLICE in Beitbridge yesterday arrested two suspected armed robbers after a brief exchange of gunfire.

The suspects, Admire Songora popularly known as Pele Pele, and Brian Moto also popularly known as Bruda, were nabbed soon after they had robbed a female border jumper of R15 000 near the PaGomo Lodge.

“The two notorious robbers have been terrorising Beitbridge residents and have been robbing, assaulting and raping women, especially those illegally crossing the border,” the Beitbridge police posted on their social media Twitter page.

“They were arrested yesterday evening after robbing a woman at PaGomo Lodge of R15 000. She was on her way to South Africa,” they said.

The Beitbridge police posted the images of the robbery suspects on social media after they were nabbed.

They were later thrown into police cells.