We Have A Solid Vision- President Chamisa
19 December 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance leader, President Nelson Chamisa, has said the popular movement will remain solid and intact despite frantic efforts by Zanu PF to destroy the people’s project.

President Chamisa has also emphasized that the popular movement is not ashamed of pursuing the peaceful path to the future.

“Our BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT over the years has been to remain standing & keeping the fight for real change.

It’s not easy to fight dictatorship only with open palms, bare hands and on the platform of peace.

We are not ashamed of our non-violence path to the future.

Waging a consistent fight for freedom, democracy & transformation is a major score and no mean achievement.

We have a solid vision, clear policies, precise goals and effective strategies…After the persecution, trials, betrayals and tribulations victory kicks in. Victory is certain! It’s coming,” said President Chamisa.

President Chamisa