“Khupe Was Slapped By The Invisible Hand Of Morgan Tsvangirai As Is Seen On Video”.
30 December 2020
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Visiting Morgan Tsvangirai’s grave for enchantments invoked a curse on Dr Thokozani Khupe leading to an angered Tsvangirai’s invisible hand slapping Khupe out of the golden HICC building on Sunday evening.

The late Morgan Tsvangirai

Newsreaders analysing footage at the scene said the loud slap from an invisible hand was that of a powerful spirit as the colourless palm landed on Khupe’s cheek as she complained saying,

“kurova dama rangu kunge munhu ari kurova door rekombi.”- slapping my cheek as if striking the door of a Kombi, Khupe allegedly complained as narrated in an unconfirmed report.

This opinion was drawn from many Zimbabweans over the incident as it was debated if Khupe was ever slapped. This is because there is neither evidence nor confirmation of this incident ever happening. Speaking to ZimEye on Monday morning Khupe did not at all say she was slapped, somewhat confirming the opinion reading. VIDEO BELOW….