Victoria Falls Tourist’s Remains Retrieved
6 January 2021
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tourist’s remains

By A Correspondent- Dismembered body parts of a local tourist who slipped and fell into a gorge at the Victoria Falls Rain Forest on New Year’s Day have been retrieved following a six-hour operation.

The process, which was temporarily stopped due to rains, started at around 10am and finished around 4pm.

What was supposed to be a memorable holiday in the country’s tourism capital ended in tragedy when Mr Roy Dikinya slipped and fell 108 metres into the gorge.

Mr Dikinya slipped at a Danger Point while taking selfies with his smart phone.

The smart phone was also recovered from the gorge but with a damaged LCD.

After struggling to recover the body parts which were trapped at the foot of the gorge, the rescue team yesterday managed to execute one of the most difficult and dangerous rescue missions ever witnessed in the resort town.

Three daring kayakers led by filmmaker Mr Tom Vary managed to paddle to the exact spot where Mr Dikinya’s body parts were initially discovered.

Other rescue team members had mounted zip lines as they worked as a unit.