Bus Company Owner, Regis Munhenzva Dies
7 January 2021
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BREAKING NEWS: Transport Mogul Munhenzva Dies

By Masimba Mavaza | Transport mogul, Regis Munhenzva, the president of the Zimbabwe Long-Distance Bus Operators Association, has died.

Family spokesperson and a nephew of the late Munhenzva, Lloyd, confirmed to ZIM24/7 that his uncle died at Avenues Clinic in Harare around 1pm today (Thursday).

Sudden death… Regis Munhenzva

“He contracted Covid-19 a few days ago and to make matters worse he was asthmatic. He was admitted at Avenues and immediately placed on ventilator but it did not help”

The late Regis’ young brother Itai is also said to be in isolation due to Covid-19.

Zimbabwe is currently being overrun by this COVID 19. Speaking to the ZIM24/7 Dr Mapara from Zimbabwe urged the government to start being transparent about this COVID. The national COVID task force must be visible now not only having meetings in hotels; they must give briefings to the nation everyday. It is awareness which will win this war.

Many people who contacted this publication lambasted the opposition for encouraging people to defy the lockdown. They urged the government to be stricter in enforcing the COVID restrictions.

Just yesterday a Zimbabwean Choral singer and an Elder in the Seventh Day Adventist Church Elder Mufaro Mberi died at St Aines of Covid, His Brother Comrade McDavid Mberi confirmed the dearth, he will be buried on Friday and relatives are not encouraged to attend in line with the COVID restrictions.

Many people have died in the last 24 hours and very few have been captured in the statics.

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