ZANU PF Says Mugwadi’s Allegation Humiliating President Ramaphosa Was A “Statement Issued Without Authorisation.”.
11 January 2021
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ZANU PF says Mugwadi’s allegation against President Ramaphosa was an Official “Statement” issued without authorisation.
Party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo also describes the statement as “unpatriotic.”

“The statement was issued without authorisation and must be dismissed with contempt,” says Simon Khaya Moyo.
He continues saying, “The ANC of SA and ZANU PF enjoy fraternal and excellent relations dating back to the days of our liberation struggles and continue blossoming up to today.
“To suggest that the ANC delegation came to Zimbabwe with a hidden agenda is compound mischief, uninformed, unacceptable and unpatriotic.
“A communique was issued on the constructive 2 Day meeting, by the two fraternal parties and indeed these meetings will continue in the future. Nothing was amiss. Necessary disciplinary measures will be taken by ZANU PF concerning those involved….”