Chinese Embassy: It’s A Video Of Only 25 Seconds Of Zimbabwean Worker Being Assaulted By Sino-Employers, ‘Fed To Dogs’
19 January 2021
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The Chinese embassy has passed the below comment over the incident recorded in a viral video of a Zimbabwean worker being assaulted by sino-employers.


Statement by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe.

The victim suffered dog bites and as was said, “fed to dogs”

The Chinese Embassy has taken note of a short video circulated by some on social media purportedly showing a fight between a local man and his employers. The Chinese Embassy supports a fair and transparent handling of all violations of law by the Zimbabwean authorities, regardless of whom is involved. It is important that a complete and truthful account of the incident is made available. Trial by some on social media, based on partial information in a video of only 25 seconds, is not helpful. The whole truth of the incident has not been established. It is wrong and dangerous to hold the entire Chinese community responsible for what happens in this unclear incident.