Heavy Down Pour In Chimanimani As Cyclone Eloise Arrives
23 January 2021
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Saturday 0640hrs Update

It was raining throughout the night, started with light showers which increased with time.
It got windy after midnight with the rains pouring.

As at after 6am the rains are now a bit heavier than during the night, at the current rate, I cannot rule out flooding downstream, its water everywhere, the ground is completely saturated, it has been raining everyday the past 3 weeks.

I have now my front wooden fencing completely destroyed, luckily it fell to the outside and no damage to the car parked inside.

I moved around my radius, everyone is indoors, agreed with neighbours that we will call on each other if the situation gets intense and move to either village or any chosen safer place.

So far no infrastructural damage of note within my vicinity, this time around we chose not to go to the so called “evacuation centres”, which for now cld be super spreaders of covid 19, since no regulations are being followed at all, the last time I was in there.

Of the 74 people who were ferried by buses to Mutambara yesterday, 4 people tested positive to covid 19 and were isolated immediately, dont know now how all the 70 contacts will be managed

It continues to rain hard and a bit windy at times, no electricity since last night.

Will see how it goes by the day.

Next update at 12 noon (all other things being equal/normal)

Take care and God Bless.