10 Signs That Show President Chamisa Is The Real Deal Zimbabwe Needs
25 January 2021
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By Stanley Manguma

  1. Refusing to compromise on values. Even in their prime Mugabe refused accept the Muzorewa arrangement, he even walked out of the talks. Also SB Moyo too refused come back from Botswana to be pardoned by the Rhodesian gvt. Chamisa refuses to accept the polad arrangement because he is the leader.
  2. Leaders who matter are constantly vilified. There was a campaign in the 70s where they wanted Mugabe dead by hook or crook. This was despite the Muzorewa arrangement but still Mugabe was their main man. Despite Zanu creating a pseudo Zanu lite through Mwonzora, they keep vilifying Chamisa because they know he is the real deal.
  3. Leaders who matter are persecuted. In 1963 when Mugabe’s son Nhamodzenyika died of Malaria in Ghana, Mugabe was still in custody. He requested to go attend the burial and they refused. Just to cause pain to his person. Chamisa has suffered multiple setbacks inflicted by Zanu pf for example the political finances which were clearly earmarked for MDC Alliance were siphoned to Zanu Lite led by Mwonzora. Just to inflict pain and cause political asphyxiation.
  4. Chamisa has the living child. Remember the two women in the bible one of which had killed their child but wanted to claim that the living is hers. The wise King Solomon said lets split 50/50 and the other one said yes lets split while the other one said if it’s like that then it’s fine give it to her. The same is happening to Chamisa. Khupe and Mwonzora says lets take Harvest House, let’s split the finances but they know pretty well that they lost the election fair and square. Now Chamisa says if it’s truly the offices u want take them its okay. It shows that he is the real deal.
  5. No airtime from the state. There is a proverb which says “what’s the motive behind the single father to wipe a single mother’s mucus” it is normally suspicious to receive mercy and assistance from a ruling party. Remember they said if u dream any other party not ruling wake up and brew some beer, your ancestors have turned their back on you. So whoever the state sponsors truly perpetuate that one party state narrative. Chamisa on the other hand is not given any airplay in the Herald and ZBC because they know once they give him a platform he has obamic oratory skills and he can easily win people over as compared to those who speak boringly and uninspiringly that “2030 I will still be there” whether that is true or false Covid seem to know better.
  6. Chamisa has won over 2.6 million voters at his first try. That speaks of someone very popular. In Polarised Zimbabwe, it is very difficult for one politician to break through even 1 million voters for the first time. Ask Khupe who managed 45000 votes the entire country despite her being in politics since 2000s. This speaks of a Chamisa rising on his predecessor’s success and goodwill and for sure Chamisa is the real deal.
  7. The person who the social media varakashi spends most of their time counterattacking is the real deal. There is no prize for guessing that it is Chamisa who Mnangagwa was referring to when he said “Varakashei musocial media imomo” and the plan is to discredit Chamisa and the Alliance as a redundant party little do they know that the Alliance has seen through all that.
  8. The one whose character is assassinated always has the real deal. Recently we saw President Chamisa and 1st Lady Mama Chamisa and people were mocking the wife. That strategy is a Zanu pf strategy designed to discredit and kill Chamisa’s resolve. One woman tried to say Chamisa raped me but the story could hold water at all and it was dismissed. They are looking even to arrest Chamisa but they do not seem to have any reason to this why they end up trying to soil his otherwise exemplary character.
  9. Chamisa is the real deal because they always talk of sanctions being brought by him. The debate whether he brought them or not is a debate for another day but in the 70s, Edson Zvobgo advocated for the sanctions against the Smith regime and it was okay that time. Now they seek to soil him for calling for sanctions a lie that they inherited from Mugabe. If u want to prove its a lie why would Mugabe vote for Chamisa if his MDC advocated for whites to come back. Mugabe spent his e tire life fighting whites never to come back and he even said at one rally “A vote for the MDC is a vote for whites” so did Mugabe vote for Whites? It’s all hypocrisy. Chamisa has the real deal.
  10. Those inclined to Chamisa and the Alliance ‘ve are persecuted yet those aligned to Lacoste faction are left to roam free. Hopewell was changed from Harare remand to chikurubi all because Chamisa had visited him. What kind of a person is this Chamisa who has caused migraine headaches to the regime. Whosoever Chamisa is, he is truly the real deal. We are game changers
President Nelson Chamisa