Hands Off Doctors, MDC Alliance Tells Nick Mangwana
25 January 2021
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What Nicky Mangwana said today it’s not shocking, it is exactly the character of ZANU pf. Selfish, cruel and disrespectful.

They fight with the Church, they fight with nurses, they fight with vendors, they fight with teachers and all government workers, they fight with business, they fight with Europe, South Africa, USA, UK, ANC; they have been fighting doctors to the extent of abducting Dr Peter Magombeyi. Zanu pf is at war with everyone. They fear their own shadows. Because they know very well that they stole the People’s vote, no social contract with the citizens for them to govern this country.

ZANU pf is so confused and desperate. I think Zimbabweans saw it on their own yesterday on National television on the so called State of the Nation Address. There was nothing, citizens are on their own. The government has renaged on its parental responsibility of providing for the citizens. It is at war with citizens. After being supper spreaders of Corona virus at their rallies, Parties, Cabinet meetings and EOC with the rebels they now want to arrest medical Doctors.

Hands off the people’s doctors. The regime failed to pay them a living wage, no adequate PPEs and working conditions issues not addressed. Let’s fight poverty and corona virus not doctors. We salute our Doctors & Nurses. These are brave soldiers who fight day and night to save lives. They are our heroes and heroines of our time. We reiterate that focused leadership, strategy, inclusivity and being positive will see us through. Covid 19 needs a national fight, and raising our heads to God our Savior.

Together we WIN. Let’s reward service and sacrifice. We stand with our doctors and the people of Zimbabwe because the lives of all Zimbabweans matter.

MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo