Cephas Mangwana Dies
2 February 2021
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ZANU PF building

Top ZANU PF party vet Cephas Mangwana has died.

Masvingo Province has requested the revolutionary party to grant national liberation hero status to the late veteran nationalist Cephas Mangwana, who passed away on January 31 after battling a heart ailment.

Mangwana, who was 80, is among the pioneering nationalists in pre-independence and helped in the mobilisation of the war effort to dismantle colonialism, according to the state run Herald newspaper which published a report authored by a political editor.

The paper quotes Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairman Ezra Chadzamira saying Mangwana served his country patriotically without fear or hesitation.

“He is a veteran nationalist who is also fondly remembered for exhibiting unwavering and constituent dedication to nationalist politics, the liberation struggle and the nation.

“Cde Mangwana was instrumental in coordinating political activities in Highfields mobilising and recruiting African youths to join the NDP rank and file. He served that post diligently until the banning of the NDP. ZAPU was formed in 1961 and he automatically became an active member participating in redefining the political approach from that of addressing workers’ grievances to advocating for majority rule” read the letter requesting hero conferment.

The late’s full name is Cephas Chemakomo Mangwana.

There are high chances that Mr Mangwana, a relative of the government spokesperson, Ndabaningi Mangwana, died due to Covid-19 complications, and this was not disclosed as a way to save the regime spokesman from embarrassment – this belief is strengthened by that the state media article was published by a political reporter.