Zim’s Historic Siamese Twins 7yrs Later
2 February 2021
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By A Correspondent- Seven years ago, a team of paediatric surgeons separated a set of Siamese twins in a historic operation that lasted more than 8 hours.

The operation to separate the thoracopagus conjoined twins, Tapiwanashe and Kupakwashe, took place at the Harare Children’s Hospital in 2014 and involved 50 medical personnel who were led by MR Bothwell Mbuwayesango.

Tapiwanashe and Kupakwashe

The two-month-old male twins were joined at the chest and abdomen including the liver. The most delicate part of the operation was on the liver, which had to be cut into two to ensure both boys were left with a portion each. According to the Sunday Mail, MR Mbuwayesango’s fear was the possibility of the boys losing a lot of blood, which would have resulted in death.

However, due to the tenacity, grit, skill and teamwork, the medical team which comprised of surgeons, anaesthetists, paediatricians, neonatologists and nurses working with minimal resources pulled off the remarkable feat which has been described as “the stuff of dreams” and a “miracle surgery”.

Tapiwanashe and Kupakwashe are now two healthy seven-year-old boys. One of the doctors who operated on the twins remarked,

“We’ve come full circle now. Can you believe those conjoined twins are now handsome little boys with very different personalities but thriving and happy!”

We applaud the health personnel who carried out the delicate surgery and we wish Kupakwashe and Tapiwanashe all the best in their lives.