EXCLUSIVE: Will Australian Embassy’s Rescue Susan Mutami?
2 March 2021
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Hon Polite Kambamura with Susan Mutami (2020)

By A Correspondent | This is not UK, Sweden or some other foreign nation, this is her country of birth – the Norton MP Temba Mliswa’s Ex girlfriend, Susan Mutami’s whereabouts are still a mystery two weeks after she was blocked from flying out of Zimbabwe.

The development comes after Mutami went underground after being blocked from flying back to Australia.

The Aussie citizen was two weeks ago told she cannot leave the country until she gives official state witness testimony into her allegations against her ExBoyfriend. She says Mliswa among other things has sounded out intentions to poison the ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son, and Local government minister July Minister. She also said Mliswa has in his possession undisclosed top security information on the infamous White City bombing on June 2018.

Contacted for a comment Mutami’s lawyer told ZimEye that she will come out soon. She said, “she is alive, she is ok and she is safe.I can’t say much due to professional ethics; She will come back to you soon.” This was 4 days after the RGM Airport drama.

Also commenting on the development back then, state sources told ZimEye, Mutami is still in the country. They said this without disclosing her exact location. Other sources said that she is living at a local hotel.

It is only convincing Mutami is playing an the aussie whistleblower, Julian Assange, technique of hiding, having spoken out what could be the greatest secret of all time, the bombing of the then President Of Zimbabwe and his deputy in June 2018 at White City, Bulawayo, an attack that got at least two people killed.

Wll the Australian government embassy treat her differently from the way the Aussie state has treated its native citizens? The case of the Whistleblowers Julian Assange comes to mind. Assange is still trapped in the United Kingdom several years after he was charged for highly controversial sex offences, and the man got no assistance from the embassy of the country of his birth. He instead chose the Equadorian embassy, the only consulate willing to assist him from state agents and British police. Will the Aussie embassy help?

“It’s a tricky one,” commented a ZimEye reader, CT Munatswa.

He continued quoting from the embassy’s website saying, Australia is not obliged to help people who get in trouble on Zimbabwean soil”

When she was interviewed by ZimEye, at the RGM Airport Susan Mutami used the embassy as a reference point.

But responding more directly, as ZimEye reveals, the Australian embassy has said Miss Mutami’s private conduct does not fall under the embassy’s business or interest.

“Ms Mutami’s behaviour in Zimbabwe are matters for the Zimbabweans authorities as they fall under Zimbabwean law,” the Australian embassy said in a statement.

Meanwhile, while it could not be established at the time of writing when she will finally be travelling, Mutami herself two weeks ago told ZimEye, she has now submitted her witness statement to the police and is now working towards getting a ticket.

But more than 10 days later sources say she is still stuck inside Zimbabwe.

“Susan is not in control of her phone, do you really think that is Susan who is tweeting at the weekend?,” a close friend to Mliswa’s girlfriend asked ZimEye Monday morning.