LIVE-BREAKING UK: Dead Zim Man’s Wife Calls From Zimbabwe
13 March 2021
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the late Roben Mutwira

Hello Editor. I make reference to your recent article on Mr Roben Mutwira in ZimEye. There is a very awkward twist to the late Roben’s life in the UK. Let me introduce myself. My name is Eileen Mutsa Mutwira. I married the late Roben Mutwira on 10 May 1985. We have one daughter, Rujeko, now a major. However he had Monica, Mercy, Rutendo, Chido (now late) before our marriage, then Varaidzo out of wedlock. Roben left for the UK in 2004 when it became clear that Chido was terminally ill. He was granted compasionate leave by the PSC to go and see his daughter.
during her last days. Chido herself had preferred me to go and be with her as I was the only mother she knew after her biological mother had died in a car accident when she was only about 2 years of age. As I was recupperating from the injuries I sustained from a car accident in March 2002, I could not go to the UK. The other girls were brought up by their mothers with Mr Mutwira chipping in with financial support especially for their education. I myself had 1 son before I married Mr Mutwira. We had a reasonably happy marriage until Mr Mutwira left our matrimonial home permanantly in 1997 to go and live with Varaidzo’s mother, leaving me with Chido and Rujeko. After her A levels Chido left for the UK to pursue a nursing career. Her mother’s sister financially assisted this move. It was while she was doing her nursing program that she was diagnosed with brain cancer from which she died in July 2004. The long and short of this is that l am still legally married to Mr Roben Mutwira with all the legal implications of this position.

Mr Mutwra and were married under the then Chapter 37. Our house in Highlands Harare was jointly owned although Mr Mutwira left me to pay off the mortgage.