Citizens Convergence Will Liberate Zimbabwe
19 March 2021
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A Collective and Inclusive initiative will liberate Zimbabwe

Neo Colonialism an African Problem that needs immediate attention


16 March 2021

The background of the history of Zimbabwe tells us how battles have been conqured and how National goals have been achieved through a collective and inclusive initiative.

Tracing our roots back to the Fiirst Chimurenga where comrades , traditional leaders ,students and workers could join hands for a common cause.

Today as Zimbabweans we are facing a ruthless regime.

The economy is in the doldrums far worse than the Smith regime era.

Corruption has become the order of the day with a few elites benefiting at the epense of the majority. Zimbabweans no longer benefit the gains of the liberation struggle.

Neo -Colonialism is quickly engulfing African states a system that needs immediate attention. If young people let loose of this system, truely democracy and prosperity will be a nightmare for Africans and Zimbabweans in particular.

It is high time that politicians,churches,students, war veterans,trade unions and fellow Zimbabweans unite as Citizens and not office bearers. Indeed there is need for Convergence for Change irregardless of political affiliation.

All movements pushing for a better Zimbabwe should do this from one corner with one voice and without pride and individualism. If people unite as Citizens no one can stop the wave, no one can stop the move of the majority. Corruption has become an oiled machine which systematically opperated by the few elite in top positions.

State parastatals are crippled ,the coffers are empty and its clear the money is channelled to corrupt top officials. Citizen arrests are possible if people could really unite with determination and zeal to abolish the corrupt system.

In history Zipra and Zanla force joined hands when there was need to unite for a cause. It is now such a moment as well that people should unite for a peaceful war against misgovernance.

In November 2017 Zimbabweans were ready for a collective initiative but the train slipped off the railway line and the initiative was a bit misguided as people celebrated for a new wine in old bottles. Kupemberera n’anga neinobata mai, so goes the shona proverb.

Citizens should shift from uninformed actions taken without clues or answers and closures to actions taken affirmatively.

This is achievable if Citizens unite and create Convergence platforms to seek people oriented answers to Zimbabwean Crisis.

Innovative ways to create fertile ground for Convergence are critical.

Timoth Muswere
Secretary for Information
MDCA Youth Assemby Masvingo

Timoth Muswere