God’s Secretary On State House President Resident
23 March 2021
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State House

If I were Secretary to God
Secretly I would with pengold
Write all statehouse unspeakables
About the Statehouse president
Or is it Statehouse resident!
Him being her mirror collection
Of her perennial correction
Either him foolish
Or her a maron fool
A colossal colony of her
neighbor’s slander tongue
Who competes to complete
To spit into the looking glass,
And the parallel dry cheeks
Provoke body’s backyard tears
Enough to teargas
A May Day Workers protest march .
Will her brood ever hatch
into scarffed crocodile?
The curse of a incest underwear
At the foot of Statehouse matrimonial  riverbed!
The river blooded
Or liver flooded
With political pimples guised as dimples, hi
Make not a difference!
**By COLLEN KAJOKOTO. The author is a persecuted Harare based Human Rights defender and protest poet.