Access Forex On Course With New KYC Light Platform In The UK
7 June 2021

By A Correspondent- Efforts to simplify the money transfer process for Zimbabweans in the UK have taken a significant step as homegrown money transfer company Access Forex gets ready to launch a KYC light platform.

While more and more MTA’s are setting up to serve Zimbabweans in the diaspora, few have figured out how to manage the issue of undocumented migrants and customer verification, which still remains a big challenge and deterrent for many would-be remitters.

Access Forex will next week unveil a platform that offers a safe middle-ground by addressing customers’ concerns about increasing cyber fraud while maintaining FCA guidelines.

The new platform will give customers the liberty of deciding what level of personal documents they want to provide, depending on the amounts they wish to transact.

The platform will also, within a certain limit, allow clients to transfer money without providing their ID or address.

According to an announcement by the money transfer company, the new digital platform offers customers peace of mind and an extra layer of safety.

“Say you are in Leicester and in the middle of your night-shift at the hospital and quickly want to send £300 to your sister in Zvishavane? You can register, login and send in under 2 minutes with just your name and number. You are in total control – you do it at your time, at your convenience, and on your terms,” Shingai Koti, Head of Sales and  Marketing of the company said.

She added:

“With this new platform, we affirm our resolve to serve the customer better and make their experience more pleasurable. And we have done so without adding a single cent to the cost.”