Zanu PF Can Be Defeated
10 June 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens convergence is the key to victory, the MDC Alliance has said.

In a statement, MDC Alliance Namibia emphasizes the need for unity among progessive forces as the Citizens Convergence Programme gathers momentum.

The Citizens Convergence initiative calls for unity among alternative voices in the country.Community leaders are also part of the Citizens Convergence Programme.

See statement below:

The power in the people is superior than people in power: Mdc Alliance Namibia calls for unity, cohesion and loyalty in the fight against poverty.

09 June 2021

Mdc Alliance Namibia reiterates the dire need for Zimbabweans to come together beyond their varied life stations of life to win Zimbabwe for complete change under the #CitizensConvergenceForChange as part of our smart #Agenda2021. As a district, we are inspired by a gripping chronicle of how a fear-frozen society finally topples its long time oppressors with the aid of digital technology specifically social media.

Wael Ghonim was a little-known, infamous , thirty-year-old Google executive in the summer of 2010 when he anonymously launched a Facebook page to protest the death of one Egyptian man at the hands of the thugocratic security forces led by Mubarak. The page’s discipleship boomed instantly and transformed from online protests to a non-confrontational and democratic movement. On 25 January, 2011, Tahrir Square resounded with powerful clarion calls for the complete change of the totalitarian nature of governance. Yet just as the revolution commenced in earnest, Ghonim was captured and held hostage for 12 days of incarceration, torture and all sorts of brutal interrogation.

After he was released , he delivered a tearful melodramatic speech on national televison , and the protests escalated. Four days later, the authoritarian president of the Egypt was gone.

Mubarak was unseated during the tensest time of the revolution- Ghonim has become an iconic figure and a paragon of virtue in the Egyptian revolution. In 2020, those who are sympathetic to the Zimbabwean question also launched the #ZimbabweLivesMatter, a social media movement meant to protest against gross abuse of the basic human rights defenders and political activists especially those who belong to political behemoth (Mdc Alliance).

Ghonim’s astute revolutionary trajectory should inspire all social democrats in Zimbabwe and the Diaspora to claim a fair share of the national cake from Zanupf terrorists and looters who are using state apparatus as springboards for primitive accumulation of our national resources like gold which is being smuggled day and night.

The defeat of Mubarak is a clear reflection of his generation’s unanticipated involvement in their country’s political providence. It is now imperative for long purported, born-free and those who are suspected to be spoiled by Westernised brats, liberal middle class, labour unions, civic organizations, students unions and poverty-stricken peasants in Zimbabwe to converge and accomplish the unfinished business of the liberation struggle.

Moreover, in Social Science and politics , power is the capacity of an individual to influence the actions , beliefs, or conduct (behaviour) of others. The term authority is often used for power that is perceived as legitimate by social structure ,not to be confused with authoritarianism. This background explains the significant role of the downtrodden masses to actively participate in the socio-economic liberation policies of the country.

The people have the power to vote out political leaders in a Constitutional Democracy but what Zimbabweans need is a concerted effort from all right thinking citizens against artificial poverty manifesting in arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances and corruption.

We must converge to win Zimbabwe from a monocratic regime that has dismally failed to revamp the sinking titanic.

Furthermore, Mdc Alliance Namibia urgently and audibly calls for positive interdependence as an effective element of cooperative and collaborative efforts where members of a converged group share common social, political and economic goals concurring that the #CitizensConvergenceForChange is a double-edged sword that is beneficial both to an individual and the society as whole. Our victory against Zanupf shenanigans depends on the active participation of all members in the national democratic discourse. All poor and oppressed Zimbabweans must brace for dangerous freedom against peaceful slavery.

Social democrats should realise that by registering to vote, they will be fulfilling their civic duty to determine who should lead. Citizens must be reminded that defending the vote core formula in winning Zimbabwe for complete change.

In addition to the above political opinions, Social Transformers in Namibia encourage Positive Role Interdependence which obviously imparts a sense of ownership for each group by assigning an interconnected revolutionary role for each individual that is vital in completing the democratic struggle in the motherland.

We advocate for positive identity of democratic revolutionaries who are custodians of unity, intellectual coordination, cohesion , inspiration and loyalty by way of a shared identity in the citizens convergence for complete change through a mutual logo, slogan and name. This People’s Agenda will be led by none other than the astute leadership President Advocate Nelson Chamisa Wamba Dia Wamba.

In a nutshell, united stronger, divided weaker. Lets all brace for the #CitizensConvergenceForChange. #PeoplePower















Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya