Temba Mliswa Claims White Farmers Benefitted More Than Blacks In Command Farming Program
29 July 2021

By A Correspondent- Controversial Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent) has claimed that white Zimbabwean farmers benefitted from the Command Farming programme more than their indigenous counterparts.

Without providing evidence to back his claims, Mliswa accused white farmers of double-dipping, saying they “are funded by their own too through certain institutions” and also benefit from government programmes. 

Mliswa wrote in a Twitter thread:

On Command Agriculture, the whites have benefited much more than the indigenous people and yet they are funded by their own too through certain institutions which give them access to many meaning they double-dip. It’s been good for them indeed!

Zim is currently a huge party for most of them as they’re making more money now than during any other time. They’re doing as they please and racism is beginning to rear its ugly head again. They’re the ones who are reigniting these issues.

Minority groups should be reminded that this racism aspect will never be allowed to prevail. Other youngsters coming through are more radical. We’re a peace-loving nation but when the minority starts accumulating excessive wealth&the majority are poor, it’s never a safe position

Local communities must benefit from empowerment drives implemented through corporate social responsibility initiatives. Amenities, schools, clinics, infrastructure etc have been neglected&yet money’s being made, not that I encourage it, but inevitably it’ll backfire at some stage.

Mliswa has, however, been criticised for his sentiments with one Shaun Snyder counter-accusing the former ZANU PF provincial chairman of racism. Said Snyder:

Disappointing tweet thread. Keep playing the blame game and your “indigenous people” will stay poor. You of all people no the cause of the majorities impoverishment. Also, the white minority is hardly as racist as a certain Norton MP.

Ady Preston challenged Mliswa to back his claims with facts and desist from making mere assumptions. Wrote Preston:What’s the basis of your argument Hon. We need facts, not assumptions. Let’s look at the figures of what the so-called white farmers are delivering to GMB as compared to some farmers who are duping the govt by side marketing of maize and some selling the inputs on the black market.

The Targeted Command Agriculture is an agricultural scheme aimed at ensuring food self-sufficiency that was introduced at the start of the 2016 – 2017 farming season following the drought of the previous season.