Inmates Hauled To Court Over Sodomy
7 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Two prison inmates who have been serving their sentences at Khami Maximum Prison have been dragged to court after they anally rap_ed a fellow prisoner causing him to have sores on his behind.

It is alleged that while the 38-year-old victim was sleeping in his cell, Culture Sibanda got into his blanket and started to care_ss his testi_cles while rubbing his manhood against his thighs.

The violated man tried to push him away, but he threatened to crush his testi_cles if he resisted his se_xual advances, the court heard.

Fearing for his jewels, the inmate calmed down, Culture then allegedly anally assaulted him and sternly warned him not to reveal to anyone about the sod0my incident.

On the following day another inmate tiptoed into the same victim’s blankets and threatened to kill him if he screamed. He forced him to bend and anally assaulted him, the court heard.

After two days when the abused man was relieving himself in the toilet he felt pain from his “behind” and he noticed that he passed blood-stained stools.

He reported the matter to prison officer Godwin Mahlathini who escorted him to a police station where he made a police report.

Thulani and Culture appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Shepherd Mnjanja facing a sodomy charge.

Mnjanja remanded them in custody to 11 August.