Mai Titi’s Pastor Humiliated As Lungu Election Win Prophecy Flops Dismally
16 August 2021
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By Hilda Zanele Jiri | The notorious comedian Mai Titi ‘s personal pastor, Charles Motondo was at the weekend humiliated when a prediction he passed weeks before the Zambian elections flop dismally.

The development comes as Charles Motondo spends his first 2 years after release from prison following his conviction for multiple fraud in which he was arrested for creating fake accidents for insurance scams in UK.

Motondo, who is on video mentoring the comedian, has his clip pulled last night within 2 hours of figures being announced that Hakainde Hichilema has won the election.

In his video, he announced that Edgar Lungu was going to win the election by a small margin. This never happened.

He also claimed that many people would be chopped down with machetes during the election. VIDEO:

This did not happen.

Meanwhile, over the Ugandam elections 7 months ago, Motondo announced that there would be a coup and State House seized by protesters which never happened. Video below…