Zanu Pf Activists In Voter Intimidation Storm
25 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Zanu-PF activists in Chimanimani, Manicaland province stand accused of intimidating villagers by collecting personal details of each eligible voter.

The ruling party supporters are claiming the information is for selecting beneficiaries of government agricultural inputs.

Villagers who spoke to last weekend claimed Zanu-PF supporters in Biriiri, Mhakwe, and Muusha areas are moving around people’s homes surreptitiously collecting the information from villagers.

“A Zanu-PF supporter (name supplied) visited my home and asked names and ages of all the people whom I stay with. When I asked her the reason for the provision of the information, she said the data was needed for farming inputs beneficiaries’ selection,” one concerned villager said.

“After that, I challenged why she was involving herself in government-run projects when is she not employed by the government. However, she could not answer me and I immediately told her to vacate my place,” said a villager who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

Another villager in Biriiri said two Zanu-PF activists also visited him last week Monday on a similar mission.

“Two known Zanu-PF cadres on Monday last week approached me at my place and requested personal details for my family members. They were holding two brown writing books,” he said.

“One of the guys asked me how many family members were eligible to vote. She said she and his colleague had been assigned by the local headman to document people who are in need of farming inputs, but I failed to understand how farming inputs have to do with someone’s eligibility to vote.

“I strongly believe Zanu-PF wants to use this information for election manipulation purposes,” said the villager.

Zanu-PF has for years been accused of using food aid as a campaign gimmick.

The ruling party’s Manicaland provincial chairperson Mike Madiro could not be reached for comment.