Wiwa Tears Into Jamwanda
26 August 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri | MDC Alliance deputy chairperson Hon Job Sikhala has described George Charamba’s crude language against perceived Zanu PF opponents as high-sounding gobbledygook meant to silence dissenting voices.

Hon Sikhala also dismissed Charamba’s feeble and futile political grandstanding meant to confuse the citizens of Zimbabwe.

“The pontification of George Charamba
is a choreographed plot by the regime to besmirch & silence him 4ever as the nation is geared for 2023.

After my afternoon tweet whisperers rushed to inform me that
is in trouble.

When you see people like George Charamba
spending acres of space attacking you , you must know urikubata panyama inorwadza. Rather you must bring more intensity to the attack against the regime
and others must intensify. We are winning the war,” argued Hon Sikhala.

Hon Job Sikhala