Fraudster Jailed For Swindling Businessman US$2.9k
27 August 2021
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By A Correspondent- An impostor, who claimed to be involving in the business of importing goods from Dubai, has been sentenced to two years in jail for swindling a local businessman of US$2 900.

Tapiwa Mbende pleaded guilty to theft yesterday when he appeared before Harare magistrate Barbara Mateko.

He pleaded for a lenient sentence, saying he would restitute the complainant.

Of his 24 months imprisonment, six months were suspended on condition of good behaviour, another nine months on condition that he restitutes the complainant and the remaining nine months on condition that he performs 300 hours of community service.

The court heard that sometime in September 2020, the complainant, Noel Chituriro met Mbende at number 20 Stumley Rest, Borrowdale, Harare, where the former gave the accused person a BancABC visa card with US$3 000 so that he could buy an Iphone Pro Max and a wrist watch in Dubai.

Mbende, who identified himself as a runner for clients who buy goods from Dubai promised to give the complainant his goods back by the end of October.

While Mbende was in Dubai, Chituriro received a message on his cellphone indicating that US$2 700 had been deducted from his account.

When Chituriro asked when he would get his goods, Mbende gave excuses. He claimed he had bought the items and would give them to him upon return from the Asian country.

He was arrested on arrival after he failed to give Chituriro his items and visa card. Chituriro suffered US$2 700 prejudice and nothing was recovered.