Prophet Refuses To Exorcise ” Demon Of Bad Luck” Tormenting Mwonzora, As He Seeks To Win 2023 Elections
27 August 2021
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Own Correspondent

The MDC-T is now a house of confusion as it’s leadersare reportedly relying with sangomas and prophets to seek spiritual powers to win the 2023 general elections.

Mwonzora’s top officials were reportedly spotted during night at the house of Masvingo preacher Isaac Makomichi.

Makomichi is known for distributing love and business charms .

Reports say Mwonzora and his followers are seeking secret powers to win elections.

“I don’t disclose the names of my clients, but as for Mwonzora I can’t pray for him because his bad luck is insurmountable. Of course I can make make everyone who approaches me rich but Mwonzora’s issue is too complicated. I don’t want to take his money for nothing that’s why I denied their seeding, they said they want secret powers for elections” Makomichi claimed.

One political analyst has pointed out that MDC-T is wasting time by seeking powers to win elections from Makomichi because the preacher himself also hates Mwonzora.

Mwonzora is being used by Zanu PF to destroy Nelson Chamisa.

Douglas Mwonzora