ED Chopper Accident, Heads Rolling At Manyame Airbase
28 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Heads are rolling at Manyame Airbase following the emergency landing of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential helicopter in Chegutu.

Mnangagwa’s chopper was forced into an emergency landing near Norton over 60 kilometres southwest of Harare last Sunday after developing a technical fault.

Security sources told The NewsHawks the crash landing incident happened on Sunday around 4 pm in the Sandringham area, Matsvaire village, in Chegutu district when Mnangagwa was coming from his Kwekwe farm.

The sources said Mnangagwa was rattled and terrified by the incident, which forced him into a scary emergency while returning to Harare. Said a source:

The incident happened in Sandringham. A probe into what happened to the President’s chopper is currently underway. Whenever the President is not flying the helicopter, the helicopter will be parked at Manyame Air Base in Harare and it’s usually flown when he visits his Sherwood farm or when he wants to travel to remote areas.

From Manyame, it usually picks him up from his state residence, but sometimes it lands at Morris Depot grounds where it would be under police guard. While many people think that he has bought a new chopper, it’s not true, the helicopter which was forced to make an emergency landing is an old one which was resprayed.

Initially, it had been agreed after the incident that he should be picked up to complete the journey by road, but while the motorcade was on its way, a second helicopter was sent to fly him back home.

Sources said investigations underway on the incident would involve the Air Force, intelligence services, Presidential Guard and aviation experts.
Earlier this month, he was forced to make a last-minute flight postponement to Mutare due to bad weather.

Sources said following the Sunday incident, strict protocols in maintaining the President’s chopper are expected to be enforced after the probe is concluded.

The presidential spokesman, George Charamba, said he was not aware of the incident.

In April this year, three Air Force officers died when their helicopter crashed in Arcturus near Harare.