‘Chinamasa Behind The Arrest Of Legislator Who Insulted Auxillia Mnangagwa’
2 September 2021
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By A Correspondent| Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has fingered Zanu PF Acting National Commissar Patrick Chinamasa accusing him of pushing for the arrest of the legislator who allegedly insulted the first lady Auxillia Mnangagwa.

Mliswa said the issue was very small and only resolved by apologising to the first lady but blamed Chinamasa and other Zanu PF people for worsening Chingosho’s situation.

He added that the arrest of Chingosho only save to hurt the standing of the first lady who will be seen as vindictive, the same way Grace Mugabe would do.

Below is Mliswa’s Twitter thread;

Am disappointed by the excitable and unlearning attitudes of Chinamasa and those in Zanu PF who are pushing for the arrest and detention of Hon Chingosho, alleged to have insulted the First Lady. This is a small matter of one simply being directed to go and apologise.

Did we not learn with Grace Mugabe that this habit of arresting people over such petty issues damages the office& credibility of the First Lady herself. Now it seems as if it’s the First Lady who wants Chingosho arrested over an insult. It hurts her standing.

We should learn, Hon Chingosho is old, with Covid and all it’s bad. Why arrest him? To please who?Kuti muti ahh takamusungisa, ahh pathetic.

The Office of the MP should have credibility& be respected. Individuals may do what they do but the office should have respect. Those advocating for Chingosho’s arrest are just bootlickers& when things go bad will start saying bad things about the First Lady, we saw it with Grace

The First Lady is the Mother of the nation she can accept an apology. I’m prepared to mediate in this matter and not have this indecent application of the law that helps no one. I have been a victim of such kind of arrests bordering on victimisation& I don’t wish it on anyone.

Let’s get the matter withdrawn and he apologises, if he said it. We have serious cases of corruption and millions stolen, let’s get those people arrested and not waste taxpayer’s money on whimsical boolicking exercises.