Full Text : MDC Alliance Condemns Harassment Of Teachers By Emmerson Mnangagwa
2 September 2021
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The education crisis won’t be resolved by arbitrary arrests and persecutions of our diligent educators, Mdc Alliance Namibia fumes!

02 September 2021

Mdc Alliance Namibia absolutely condemns the incessant persecution and torture of our diligent educators by the clueless Zanupf regime. Social democrats in Namibia are greatly infuriated and perturbed to witness the incarceration of innocent 11 teachers in Hwedza on Monday. In a purported new dispensation, citizens should be allowed to peacefully demonstrate and petition the status quo as a sure way of showing their disgruntlement. The Hwedza 11 were arbitrarily arrested for protesting against meagre salaries and atrocious working conditions. Zimbabwean teachers are struggling to pay school fees for their hapless children yet the satanic Zanupf regime expects them to teach other people’s off-springs.

The illegal arrest of our suffering and toiling teachers protesting against the “unsalted peanuts” they receive as salaries strongly confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that a new Great Zimbabwe is now imperative under the able-leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa,”Wamba Dia Wamba”. The only panacea to socio-economic transformation is to register in our numbers now, vote and defend the vote in 2023. Mdc Alliance Namibia has a very serious message to all educators in Zimbabwe, our teachers have a tendency of sacrificing their VOTE by accepting petty jobs as polling officers. Teachers must smell the coffee and refuse to be used by Zanupf morons. Most teachers do not vote after getting jobs as polling officers far away from their branches.

Moreover, it must be categorically clear that voting is the only way of getting rid of these thugocrats. Voting is a non-negotiable right of every citizen. Teachers must learn to refuse deployments outside their branches or polling stations because their votes are very fundamental in transforming our motherland. Remember your right to complain against gross misgovernance manifesting in Zanupf can only be enjoyed by a voter. Our teachers must amalgamate so that they fight together against peaceful slavery. The persecution of our hardworking teachers epitomises Zanupf’s insatiable appetite for tormenting hapless citizens.

Social democrats in Namibia demand the respect of human rights and the rule of law in Zimbabwe. Teacher’s Unions must stop robbing our teachers without fair representation. Thanks to the consistent Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights for granting our teachers freedom after spending two days in the hell-hole custody. We strongly condemn Mr Mnangagwa’s insensitive government for turning rogue to innocent citizens who are peacefully and constitutionally demanding a living wage. Change seekers in Namibia rubbishes the promotion of kleptocracy by Zanupf, we demand a wholesale respect the rule of law and constitutionalism. #RegisterToVote #TeacherMunhuwo #NoToSlavesWages.

Moreso, the arbitrary arrest of the Hwedza 11 demonstrates that the Harare regime is not yet ready to open the much needed democratic space in the motherland. As Mdc Alliance Namibia we believe that Constitutional Democracy allows citizens to express themselves freely without fear of persecution by prosecution. We demand that Zanupf looters halt their weaponisation of the law to silence voices of dissent. Change agents in Namibia would like to urge all Zimbabweans across the globe to converge so that they can save the collapsing education sector. It is not a crime to demonstrate according to Section 65 of the 2013 constitution.

In a nutshell, Mdc Alliance Namibia encourages all teachers to continue piling pressure on the regime so that their livelihoods may improve. Teachers must register to vote and vote for our political mountain, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. We need a God-fearing leader with the potential to put the economy on a sounder footing. As a district, we salute Artuz President Obert Masaraure and Secretary General Robson Chere for leading a vibrant teachers union that has demonstrated consistency in confronting the regime for a living wage since its inception. Our dream is to see all unions taking notes from the vibrant Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union(ARTUZ).












Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya