Mnangagwa Ignores Ailing Chiwenga Wife
4 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry Mubaiwa said President Emmerson Mnangagwa is turning a blind eye on her plight.

Marry was hospitalised last week after her health continued to deteriorate, and claims she has not received financial assistance from her former husband or government.

She wanted President Mnangagwa as the head of state and government to help her get funding for her medical bills.

Marry is hospitalised at a Harare private hospital where she continues to battle lymphedema, which has resulted in her sustaining swollen legs and hands.

Marry told NewsDay Weekender on Tuesday that her primary concern was her financial incapacitation and failure to get access to her three children. She said all was not well for her, with no one, including President Emmerson Mnangagwa, coming to her rescue.

“Things are not looking good for me, I am really sick. I have been in and out of hospital in the last couple of months and have been admitted for close to two weeks now,” the 40-year-old former top model said.

“I have asked and asked and even asked President Emmerson Mnangagwa for financial assistance, but nothing has come my way.”
Mnangagwa has, however, in the past assisted Marry financially, particularly during the time when Chiwenga was hospitalised in China.
Despite her condition, Marry has been confined to Zimbabwe where she is failing to acquire adequate medical care since the courts have denied her access to her passport, while Chiwenga, who is sick and requires constant medical attention, has the privilege of flying to China periodically.

A distraught Marry said all seemed to be crumbling in her face, with Chiwenga fighting her using all sorts of ammunition since the former Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander sensationally accused her of attempting to kill him while he was hospitalised in South Africa.

“My offices in Domboshava were taken away from me and armed Presidential Guard soldiers are posted there just like our home, my equipment is lying redundant that I bought from my own sources of income,” she said.

“As a result, I am faced with serious financial challenges such that I don’t even have money for my children’s school fees.”

Marry, who has two children from a previous marriage, said her parents had been supportive of her during the trying times.

“I thought that after my husband (Chiwenga) had healed, he would take care of me looking after my health as he knows I am not well, but we all know what happened,” she said.

Marry is embroiled in a nasty divorce with the former military commander whom she married under customary law in July 2011 and sired three children together. Chiwenga filed for divorce after recovering from a life-threatening illness in 2019.

Marry is also facing charges of fraud, money-laundering and attempted murder of her estranged husband.
She, however, denies the charges and, instead, accuses Chiwenga of approaching the court with dirty hands and fabricating the allegations in order to gain an upper hand in their pending divorce case.
Recently, she appealed to Mnangagwa to intervene and help her have access to her children.
Contacted for comment, presidential spokesperson George Charamba said: “I have no interest in the NewsDay Weekender crew, I have nothing to say to you, write whatever you want. I can’t waste my voice sanitising what you would have written.