WARNING-DISTURBING PICTURES: Attempted Murder of MDC Alliance Youth by ZANU PF Thug
5 September 2021
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This morning 2 of our youth were attacked while attending the memorial of Mai Chaponda in Ward 9 Cherutombo.

The memorial of Mai Chaponda a longlife MDC Alliance member was being held this weekend, when a lone ZANU Pf thug clad in regalia attacked of District deputy Treasurer with an axe of the head, this left a deep cut on the head needing emergency medical assistance, another member was attacked with a screw driver in the stomach. Such inhuman and violent behavior is totally uncalled for.

warning disturbing video picture image

Our youth are peaceful but not stupid or incapable of retaliation; we simply do not believe in political violence; nevertheless we are very capable of being extremely violent. We call upon youth who are needlessly used by thier superiors to desist from violence. The ZANU Pf youth has since been arrested clad still in his ZANU Pf regalia; a matter we shall closely be following.

Lets learn to live with each others as brothers and sisters, our only fight should be of a better and prosperous Zimbabwe.

God bless Marondera

Hon C Matewu