Scottish Govt Raises Concern Over Zimbabwe Deportations
9 September 2021
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By A Correspondent | The Scottish government has raised concern over deportations to Zimbabwe by the UK administration.

Nicola Sturgeon

In their response to Chris Goshomi, a PhD Candidate for Politics and International Relations at a UK university, who wrote to Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, the govt said, “The Scottish Government believes that the UK Government’s approach to immigration is damaging to Scotland’s demography, economy and society.”

Lucy Alan writing on Sturgeon’s behalf and responding following the departure of two charter flights, continued saying: “a one-size-fits all approach to immigration is no longer appropriate, and the case is overwhelming for the Scottish Government, accountable to the Scottish Parliament, to be able to set the rules for migration in a way that will attract and retain people with the skills we need. We want Scotland to continue to be a diverse country and a confident and responsible global citizen.

“Scottish Government Ministers have repeatedly raised their concerns with the UK Government’s hostile environment approach to migration.

“They will continue to push the UK Government for an immigration system that meets Scotland’s needs, recognises individual circumstances, and provides a welcoming environment for new Scots and their families,” she concluded.

Goshomi who is also the former Chairman of the Zimbabwe Leeds Community (ZLC), is taking the UK govt to task over the issue of Zimbabwe deportations since they were launched 2 months ago. WHAT’S THE FUTURE FOR ZIMBABWEANS WITHOUT PAPERS IN UK & SA? Goshomi will be speaking on ZimEye at 7pm(UK time) during news review.