Former Orchestra Mberikwazvo Dancer Turns To God
11 September 2021
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Sungura musician Franco “Slomo” Dhaka has been featured by South African based Zimbabwean-born Gospel artiste, Dj Rabaaz real name, Claud Rabson in a  new musical video titled  #Famba nevamwe, a track off his new 2021 Gospel Album titled Minana.

The video is now available on most social media platforms.

Dj Rabaaz has released his 4th Gospel CD album and this video to coincide with his 50th birthday celebration.

There will be 2 more videos to be released later this month for Tirikupemberera Remix and Mwari veRudo (a new musical sub-genre he calls Mbirano from the fusion of Mbira & Amapiano elements).

‘Gospel is the word of God, which I believe can be played and shared in any different form of beat or sound’, said the artiste, who says his new album is a mixed bag to cater for all people with different tastes of music in museve/sungura, chimurenga, mbira, Afro-Jazz and the new Amapiano vibes rocking South Africa at the moment, just to name some but a few.

He promises a Dancehall track in his next project to spread gospel to the ghetto youths in Zimbabwe.

-Byo 24