Grown Up Zimbabweans Are “More Zanu PF Than Zanu PF Parents” – More Brain-Dead Than Zanu PF Buffoons, It’s True
12 September 2021
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By Patrick Guramatunhu- “An untold but deep seated sociological truth about Zimbabwe today is that many grown up kids with ZanuPF parents are more ZanuPF than their parents.

Therefore, Zimbabwe does not only need new leaders but it needs a Martin Luther King Jr. or a Kenneth Kaunda. God bless everyone!” admitted Professor Jonathan Moyo.

If by that he means Zimbabweans have been brainwashed and therefore more brain-dead than their parents; I readily concur. 

Some one attained Standard Six, or eight years of formal education, before independence was intellectually enlightened; they talked sense and could think for themselves. 

After independence, our education system has been about quantity with no regard for quality. Students numbers have soared without a corresponding increase in number of teachers and facilities and students are pushed on to the next grade even when it is evident they had learned very little in the present grade.  

I asked a job applicants “What is a verb?” “What is Pythagoras’s theorem?” One after another they failed to answer and yet they had all done “O” Mathematics and English, some had done “A” level. 

It is nothing to find a PhD graduate who can hardly write a sentence without making a spelling or gramma mistake! 

Professor Jonathan Moyo played his part in brainwashing the people of Zimbabwe as Mugabe’s Minister of Information and Publicity, Zanu PF propaganda reached new dizzying heights. The Zanu PF controlled public print and electronic media bombarded the nation with Zanu PF propaganda there was no room for anything else. 

But to be absolutely certain he had stifled all meaningful public debate, Professor Jonathan Moyo engineered the passing of Public Order and Security Act (POSA) and the Information and Protection of Privacy Act  (AIPPA); two obnoxious laws that hang over the heads of all who dared exercise their freedom like the Sword of Damocles.

It is said, give a man fish and you give him a meal. Teach him to fish and you have given him a livelihood. Teach him to think for himself and, if anyone can survive wherever; he will do more than just survive, he will thrive! 

Zimbabwe’s has everything to country needs to be a rich and prosperous nation and yet we are now one of the poorest nation on earth. 

The root cause of Zimbabwe’s economic and political mess is the country’s failure to hold free, fair and credible elections. 

Forget asking Zimbabweans what is a verb or Pythagoras’s theorem! Ask them what constitute free, fair and credible elections; something that is simple and relevant to the nation’s very survival and their own. They have no clue!

Zanu PF has rigged elections for the last 41 years and got away with it every time precisely because Zimbabweans themselves have no clue what constitute free, fair and credible elections. They have the vote but, like everything else, in the wrong hands it has become a curse and not a blessing. 

By participating in flawed and illegal elections Zimbabweans are giving the flawed election process credibility and giving the vote rigging Zanu PF legitimacy. 

Robert Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and the rest of the Zanu PF ruling elite are corrupt, incompetent and murderous buffoons. Before Zanu PF took over, Zimbabwe produced enough to feed the nation with plenty left over to be the breadbasket of the region and the country earn a fortune from the export of tobacco, meat, etc. 

Today the nation is starving in a country that is for all intent and purpose is the Garden of Eden – a damning testimonial on the sheer incompetence of the Zanu PF buffoons! 

It is no exaggeration that 40 years of Zanu PF brainwashing has reduced Zimbabwe into a nation of dimwits whose brain tissue has ossified into fat. Turning brain tissue into fat was the ease bit, reversing the process is near mission impossible. 

“Grown up Zimbabweans are more Zanu PF than their Zanu PF parents!” Sadly, it is true, many Zimbabweans out there are more brain-dead than Zanu PF buffoons who are lording over them! Indeed that is precisely why Mugabe and Professor Moyo wasted fortunes in brainwashing the nation so that party can ride roughshod over them and get away with it!