Stunner Speaks Out On Competing For Music Fans
13 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Zim Hip-hop star, Desmond Chideme, AKA, Stunner has said that he had since past the age of competing with other local musicians.

Writing on his social media platforms last week, Stunner said musicians should concentrate on entertaining the crowds, than comparing each other’s music.
Below is what he wrote:
Hi guys , to which page or whom it may concern…….. Can we please move on way past this ! I would be ashamed of myself if ever I woke up 22yrs later in the game and I’m still trying to be the best better than whoever, I have done my part and continue to do what I can for rap music even though I switch here and there into other genres for the love of music. I competed when I was little boy but now I just want to have fun with my fellow musicians and create crazy sounds from kanindo to hip hop . A lion does not walk around the jungle trying to prove its a lion and neither does a shark in the water. I don’t think myself , @winkyddibigman or @jahprayzah , @mrputiti even vabati vaJehova are in the studio now trying to be the king of anything but they are just trying to make good music for the people and in the process make a living. These posts are childish especially when you are posting people who have proved themselves artistically. All my respect goes to every Zim artist doing his or her thing to entertain households in these trying time.