Tafadzwa Suicide Story: Ex-Friend Claims Christine Used Love Juju…
14 September 2021
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Own Correspondent
People around the country are accusing Christine Mupini of using love juju on the late Tafadzwa Chifamba who took his own life after he discovered that Christine was married to someone.

In his letter Tafadzwa said he didn’t see the reason to live, as his world was around Christine.

One lady who claimed to be an ex-friend of Christine said her friend collected love charms from Masvingo preacher Isaac Makomichi early last year, to make sure that Tafadzwa would love her forever.

“Last year in February she told me about her journey to Masvingo, to collect love charms from Makomichi. Then this year I was suprised when she told me that she wanted to get married to another man. What she did is evil, it’s also high time to ban those magicians who calls themselves prophets !” said a lady who claimed to be Christine’s ex-friend .

Although Christine was not immediately available for a comment, a lady believed to be her relative said:” There is nothing like that, end of the story. I am not willing to be used to popularize your false theories.This is a sensitive matter…

Now that Tafadzwa is dead because of this charm, I don’t judge this man of God but I believe Makomichi must not give his charms to single ladies,” said one pastor.