Manluckerz Lines Up Gigs
15 September 2021
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By Problem Masau|

A Wise Man Once Said ‘If You Rest You Rust!

There is no sign of resting and tiring for Zimbabwe’s music light in the diaspora, an author and a storyteller, a cultural ambassador and traditional encyclopedia- Luckson Chikutu popularly known as Manluckerz.

While the covid-19 pandemic has changed the way he conducts his business, the National Arts Merit Award nominee has not relented and he has continued to soar. For the past twenty years- the talented Zimbabwean star has kept raising the country’s flag high.

This year, the musician has lined up several shows scheduled for September 25 and November 27.

“The September 25 show has been organized by kulturernas Karneval in Uppsala. It’s one of the biggest festivals,” said the soft spoken musician.

The show will be held at Engelska Parken Uppsala in Sweden.

Manluckerz is also part of a marathon project arranged by Sensus and Gottsunda Kulturhus.

The project is starting this Saturday with different artistes and Manluckerz will be performing on November 27.

He has another thrilling show lined up on November 14 in Hagaby Uppsala.

So what to expect when the man takes to the stage?

Together with his band the Zimbabwe Traditional Unity, the energetic singer is known to capture the heart of many with his Shona lyrics.

To his credit, Manluckerz who is very fluent in English and Swedish has chosen to sing his songs in his native Shona language. 

The Shona folklore songs are proving to be popular in Sweden thanks to the singer who has chosen not to forsake his roots.

So dear is the African culture to the singer that he conducts dancing and cultural workshops on the continent’s tradition in Swedish schools.

For more than twenty-years Manluckerz has been one of the most consistent artistes who have kept the Zimbabwean flag high despite the challenges the country is facing.