DNA Shocker- 14yr Old Impregnates Brother’s Wife
18 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- A 14 year old teen from Chihota learned the hard way that all actions have consequences. The youthful teen discovered conclusively that he is now a father following an illicit affair with his older brother’s wife.

The shocking case occured in the Chihota area under Chief Nyandoro. The illicit affair between the minor and his brother’s wife was exposed when the latter fell pregnant, even though her husband has spent the last two years in South Africa without returning home. In that time, the husband and wife ad no contact with each other. The woman later gave birth to a healthy baby.

Due to the unusual circumstances, the case was reported to the traditional leader’s court for judgement. During the subsequent hearings at Chief Nyandoro’s court, it was alleged that the 14-year-old teen ad been having an illicit affair with his brother’s wife.

However, the brother’s wife was alleged to have been seeing someone else, who was only identified as Tinashe. The allegations were made by the teen’s parents. She, on the other hand, vehemently denied this charge, insisting that the only other person she had been intimate with apart from her husband, is his younger brother

Due to the conflicting allegations, Chief Nyandoro ordered DNA tests to be carried out to establish the paternity of the child. The DNA tests were carried out by Global DNA Zimbabwe, and the results were announced on their weekly show.

Before the presentation of results occured at the Chief’s court, the teenager and his sister-in-law were asked to explain how they had come to have intimate relations. In this regard, both parties blamed each other for initiating the affair.

The juvenile alleged that his brother’s wife used to mock im saying that he was artless and unsophisticated. She is said to have tried flirting with him. When he filed to prove otherwise, she is alleged to have cornered him in his bedroom and ordered him to sleep with her. He claimed that she entered his room, locked the door, took off her clothes and threatened to accuse him of rape if he did not become intimate with her. He could not recall how many times they had been intimate since.

The brother’s wife, on the other hand, claimed that the teenager is the one who initiated everything. She claimed that he used to say that his brother had tasked him to look after her and to take care of all her needs. When she disputed this, he is alleged to have said that the instruction was given to him directly.

She went on to allege that one day when the mother-in-law had left them alone, the teen came into her bedroom when she was sleeping. He then took off his clothes, got into bed and had his way with her. She alleged that this would happen every single time when they were left alone. She also claimed that the two would continue with their escapades whenever they were tasked with fetching firewood.  The brother’s wife said she only disclosed the pregnancy to the teenager as she was too intimidated to tell her in-laws.

When the DNA results were announced, the minor and his parents appeared dismayed. The teen said that he is not happy that the baby is his.

The brother’s wife and her relatives on the other hand seemed happy that they had been vindicated. After delivering the results to Chief Nyandoro’s court, the DNA team left the Chief and his court to continue with the hearing. The chief was yet to pass judgement on the matter when the show concluded.

It is not clear if the Chief will hand over the case to the police as the brother’s wife clearly violated the law by being intimate with a 14-yer-old.