Armed Robbery A Big Sign Of Economic Crisis
22 September 2021
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By Jeffryson Chitando

Jeffryson Chitando

A day can hardly pass without a case of armed robbery not in our national or regional newspapers.Zimbabwe was a peaceful.It was taboo on the use of guns in crimes.

Unlike in many SADC countries , Zimbabwe has very few licenced guns in the hands of civilians.The Zimbabwe security forces are those trained and handlers of guns.Few civilians can operate a gun.

Most of the crimes committed involving guns a serving or retired or fired security forces personal is behind or the ringleader.This only shows that gun crimes are mastermind by police officers or soldiers ..retired, fired or serving.

The major push factor for soldiers and police officers into gun crimes is the economic crisis in the country. The government must quickly address the conditions of service of civil servants and uniformed forced before the country is plunged into a failed state like Somalia.

In the 1980s and 1990s Zimbabwe was known to be a firearm crime free nation but the government’s failed economic policies have pushed it into the current state.If ZanuPF continue at the helm with its failed economic policies we are likely to see a sharp increase in gun crimes.To reduce crimes the best and only solution is to vote out this incompetent administration of Mnangagwa.

Civil servants are the most corrupt in Zimbabwe. The cabinet of Mr.Mnangagwa must ask itself how the civil servants come to work for whole month with a salary of Rtgs 25 000 .A government which is happy to see its employees at work but not bothered to think how they survive for whole month on such a slavery salary.

Mr Muthuli Ncube must be taken to task to present a reasonable budget of a civil servant Rtg 25 000.The civil servants are only in office in order to use the office space to transact their personal business.

The members of the uniformed forces with limited opportunities to do business at their workplace due to the nature of command structure in security forces they are forced into hardcore crimes.The security forces officers will be trying to supplement their merger salary.

Our soldiers and police officers are law and order enforcement agents by day but hardcore criminals during the night.Police at roadblock are not shy to openly demand for bribes.The soldiers have no option but to use the gun to supplement their salaries.This a clear sign that ZanuPF has failed the nation and Zimbabweans must respond by registering to vote in millions.In 2023 a huge turnout to vote out ZanuPF must be assured for the future generations to change for the better.

??✋???Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good !!!