NAME-CHANGE-NOISE: Chamisa’s Only Change Is Office Address, Just Relocate To State House.
22 September 2021
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By Simba Chikanza | PART 2 | In August I warned that Nelson Chamisa will have moved into danger zone if he changes his party name. He’s in enough danger, already, I highlighted. Back then, I also blew the sirene saying any change of name, is a metre closer to both endorsing and assuming military level crimes committed from 1 Aug 2018 and afterwards. 

Barely a month later my prediction is proved, as a name proposed by Prof Jonathan Moyo is registered at the electoral commission. Even suggestions by Pro Moyo that the ‘brandname’ would have been saved if it had been registered on the 1st of September, will not stop ZEC from double registering like they did in 2017 when former Vice President Joice Mujuru was elbowed out by a shadowy (ZANU PF manifest) British nurse, Barbara Nyagomo’s little blue party, People First. 

In this updated session, I speak on what I term: Sikhalarising the struggle for democracy. I touch on two individuals, Job Sikhala and Makomborero Haruzivishe, who among many others, the civic society needs to pay attention to. 

Emmerson Mnangagwa-and- Luke Malaba-

Those advising the people’s president are misleading him as they make him underestimate the notoriety of the ED-Mwonzora coalition because Chamisa’s chances of ever running Zimbabwe will dwindle under a new name. Already Mnangagwa is preparing to amend the constitution so that only parties with 5 years of existence will be allowed to contest, so Chamisa will have to wait for 5 years to contest after changing his party name (effectively launched a new entity). He will spend the next 2 years campaigning, and come July 2023, will arrive at the polling station to be told he does not qualify. 

So, while the temptation is there, the best method is the middle of the road approach: confront. I have a lot to say here, but much which I have already demonstrated myself.

Mnangagwa’s life outside the borders can be put out easily and swiftly, and before it changes name, the MDC A needs to spend the next month using its last remaining powers to put out the criminals’ life outside the borders. This is how the criminal Ian Smith regime was put to an end, not by any bullet, bayonette or bomb, but using live legal ammunition. The MDC Alliance does have this strength, and I have proved it that this great party is simply too lazy, ignorant, or both, of the powers it has. On several occasions I have deployed some of these powers which are largely based on the 2018 election victory.

I am glad that I recently deployed some of these tools to help the Zambian people on 13 Aug. I am ready for question and answers but for now to say, please stop pushing President Chamisa to betray the blood of the innocent 2018 victims.

You change the party name, then what, you think you’ll penetrate ZEC, and outwit the Chinese model terror machinery because you’re popular? Even if Chamisa wins with 99% of the vote, Mnangagwa will still do the counting, and Mnangagwa retains the power to announce the results after which there is no viable recourse of appeal because the judiciary is Mnangagwa himself. New methods are needed to deal with criminality and the type that’s in Zimbabwe cannot be cured by base ballotry. Having traveled in many countries and consulted some of the best legal brains around the world, I am ready to help this great party deal with this criminality.

Sikhalarising the struggle.

“If this situation continues to throttle our democratic space, some of us will lose our temper very soon,” said Sikhala on Monday.

He continued saying:

“Ndokuvharisirai chinyika chose ichi zvandandakuitirai gore rapera muna July. Rambai muchiita matoto iwaya,” he concluded.

There is one man who has been misunderstood in the movement for democratic change party since 1999, Job Sikhala who’s passion is manifest since his childhood days. He’s crazy, he’s different, but his wild ideas are perhaps the outcry of every Zimbabwean today. What makes him unique is that he seems to care less about human approval, and he has shown he is ready to go to prison for his passion. At a time when everyone is saying we’ll remove Mnangagwa in 2023, he is saying it’s happening this year. He won’t wait for ZEC approval. His younger version, Mako Haruzivishe is same, and the lad became the only one to challenge the powers that be during the Motlanthe Commission, declaring legal purities not known since independence 1980. 

These two who demonstrate that freedom is not asked, it is taken, are like a few others, who don’t wait for Chamisa’s approval to help push the cause. Their kind is the type of riotous free spirit needed to deal with the current criminality. Don’t wait for approval. March to State House and take it, and there are so many of ways of doing that. (In the 3rd session I speak on what else to do. 

Source: Simba Chikanza