I Will Remain Loyal To My Husband -Gumbura Widow “Shames” Masvingo Prophet
23 September 2021
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By Own Correspondent |
Widows of the late Martin Gumbura say they will not love any man because they are still attached to their late husband.

This comes after one prophet-cum-magician Isaac Makomichi said Gumbura widows must contact him on his number +263777469342 for prayers to get love charms.

Last month Makomichi addressed several media houses claiming he wanted to help the widows get married again.

The pastor is known for performing controversial miracles…

His followers claim he filled dry wells with water and can make people rich through his so called green powder.

However, sceptical believers describe him as a magician not a prophet.

Gumbura widows turned down Makomichi’s invitation.

“We are not going there, we don’t love any man and we will remain loyal to our late husband forever. Makomichi must leave us alone and focus on his church. We don’t judge him and we don’t even want to see him as well, we have heard a lot about him but we were shocked when he instructed us to get married again.

We didn’t even take his number, it’s not like we want to humiliate him but the thing is we still love our late husband,” Said one lady who identified herself as herself as one of Gumbura’s widows.

Some church leaders doubt the source of Makomichi powers and they accuse him of using secret powers to confuse people.